1. Antigua became a British Colony in 1667 and remained such until it gained independence in 1981

  2. Boggy Peak is the highest point on Antigua at only 402m high

  3. Carnival is Antigua’s big annual festival and is held in late July until the first Tuesday in August. The parade is a wonderful expression of colour, music and dancing and is not to be missed if you are there at this time.

  4. Antigua Sailing week which occurs in April is one of the top five yachting regattas in the world with over 200 boats entering and many more spectating. By day see some of the best boats in the world going head to head and by night party under the starts drinking the local rum

Antigua is an English speaking island of only 108 sq. miles, with a population of approximately 100,000 people. US Dollars are accepted everywhere and the local currency is the EC Dollar.

Getting to Antigua

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