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Once you’ve settled in, enjoyed the beaches, the views and are feeling generally more relaxed, it’s time to consider your island excursion options…

We’ve done the hard work and tried them out for you, so here are our personal recommendations for the top 5 adventures to be had whilst you’re in Antigua:


1. STINGRAY CITY – A guided tour and interactive adventure begins amongst the monkeys and parrots at Stingray City’s St John’s base camp. Upon arrival, you’ll be promptly whisked away by speedboat to shallow clear waters, white sands and fevers of stingrays. These friendly, interactive and amazing marine fish are more than happy to be fed, touched, photographed and snorkelled alongside. The close interaction with Antiguan wildlife offers a memorable experience for all the family and it’s hard not to be fascinated by these tactile and gentle fish.

Seaton’s Village, St. John’s
Tel: (268) 562 7297



 2. ZIP LINING WITH THE ANTIGUA RAINFOREST CO. – Located in Wallings, in the hills of the lush rainforest on the south-west coast of Antigua, is the expansive and expertly designed zip line & rope challenge course of the Antigua Rainforest Company. The full course offers a total of 13 zip lines, 3 aerial walk way bridges, 2 tree houses, 2 ‘Leap of Faith’ vertical descents, 9 elements of challenge course & 3 unique combination tours – need we say more! It’s an action-packed morning or afternoon out and one we want to do over and over again! The rangers are friendly, experienced and ease you in to an adrenaline-fuelled experience.

Fig Tree Drive, Wallings

Tel: (268) 562 6363



3. ADVENTURE ANTIGUA ECO TOUR – This beautiful, well-thought out and informative tour, which takes place on a boat and in the water (via snorkel), provides a wonderful journey though Antiguan ecological history. It is factual, entertaining and engaging. The warm, clear waters, protected by over twenty little islands, countless reefs, flats and mangrove nurseries are calm and there are plenty of opportunities to spot Antiguan birdlife. The crew discuss local flora and fauna and the scientific turtle project at Jumby Bay, as well as folklore and fables. For those who wish to enjoy spectacular views of the North Sound and the north coast of Antigua, we suggest taking the easy nature trail from the beach at Great Bird Island, up to the summit, and if you really want to get off the “beaten track” there is also scope to explore a cave.

Tel: +1 (268) 726 6355


4. WEST COAST TOURS – Now for something really fun – WCT Antigua Reef Riders offers a unique opportunity for you to captain your own 10 foot 2-seater inflatable Reef Rider! Hold on tight as you and your friends explore the beautiful west coast of Antigua out to the stunning Cades Reef. Put on your snorkel, mask and fins (provided) and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. The boats are small enough to moor inside the reef lagoon to get you closer to the amazing marine life including stingrays, lobster, parrot-fish, surgeon-fish and wrasse, as well as the beautiful coral reef. It’s an ecological tour with an adrenaline rush, for those looking for a bit of both!

Jolly Harbour

Tel: +1 (268) 728 5239


5. MIRAMAR SAILING – Famous for fabulous sailing, the Caribbean couldn’t be a better place to charter a private yacht. You only have to look at the gushing Trip Advisor reviews to see how popular Miramar Sailing is for private charter. They offer a range of options from 3 hour to full day cruises and we would definitely recommend the 8 hour Private Full Day Cruise, which includes lunch (with wine!) aboard, canapes at sunset, snorkelling and fishing. It’s an unforgettable experience – the ocean is tranquil, the wind cooling, the sun bright and the silence, golden…

Jolly Harbour Marina

Tel: +1 (268) 721 3456






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